Life AT School

Life At School

When one enters the gates of The Mother’s International School , a sense of calm and tranquility is felt. The beautifully maintained gardens with their blooming flowers and the untypical school building comes as a pleasant surprise to the uninitiated visitor. There is hardly any noise that one usually encounters in an area, which houses about 400 children. It is this pleasant feeling that makes up the climate of the school.

The administrative block overlooks the lawns of the compound which is flanked by roses on one side, and seasonal and elegant legerstroemias and royal palms on the other two. There are over 150 trees on the campus. They include fruit trees such as mango, jamun, mulberry, amla, lemon, guava, pomegranate and ornamental trees such as laburnum, drooping ashok, gulmohar, bottlebrush, and others such as royal palms, pine, chir, eucalyptus,  neem, shisham, peepal , banyan herbal trees.

The most pleasant physical environment of the School, the beautiful garden, and general air of order and organized functioning adds in no small measure to the value of a conducive environment in which to grow up in and from which to learn.Children are generally relaxed and enjoy coming to School. There is an atmosphere of freedom, fun and learning. Teachers have total academic freedom and a lot of experimentation takes place.

Children are given a variety of experiences that expose them to new situations and people. Children are able to reach out to teachers easily and in this, the ‘Home Room’ is very helpful. The relationship between teachers, parents and children is a constantly growing one. In short, TMIS is a family and all its members – be it the children, the teachers, the parents or the support staff – have a special bond that lasts for life.