Primary School

Primary School

Primary Department is dedicated towards providing an engaging learning environment. The school is a centre of inquiry, creativity and joyful learning, where students from different places come together to learn, dream and grow.

Subjects Offered:

For Class I to V

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Computers
  • Music, Dance, Art, Physical Education

The Classroom activities are designed in such a way so as to facilitate the young mind to observe, explore and learn about their immediate environment and the distant surroundings.

The use of various resources- real objects, manipulative toys, puzzles, pictures, flash cards etc arouses the curiosity of children thereby acting as a facilitator in developing various skills.

The key ingredients of the teaching methodology include story narration, picture reading, puppet show, rhyme recitation, role play, art and craft, free illustration along with many other learner centric media.


The following strategies are involved to make teaching an everlasting learning experience:

Problem solving – Group activities where real life situations are taken to sensitize children on how to deal with various situations in life.

Brainstorming – Group activities that encourage children to focus on a topic and contribute ideas to explore what they know about the topic.

Morning message – Requires teachers to write messages on board. It helps children to recognize text. This exercise teaches children that reading and writing go together.

Sharing circle – Group activities which help children to share their thoughts. At the same time it promotes active listening as well.

Show and tell – Plays a vital role in oral language development and builds confidence, where children get an opportunity to talk about familiar objects.

Wordless picture books – Helps to develop sense of story where children learn to observe the minute detail recollect the story lines and sequence the illustrations.

Co-operative learning – Helps children to socialise and work together in a group to accomplish a common task. This develops a better relationship among children and also boosts their confidence and adds to their self esteem.