Student Executive

Student Executive

The Student Executive is a democratically elected body of the students. It plans and initiates activities involving the whole school.

This exercise provides students with opportunities not only to use their managerial and organizational skills, and more importantly also learn important lessons in teamwork and responsibility.

Voting is by a secret ballot. The process begins with the election of 6 Class Representatives each from class VI to XII. Class Representatives in turn elect the General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretary. Candidates for the position of Class Representative are invited to present their manifestos to the class. Candidates for the post of General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary present their manifestos to the whole school.

All the elected members and some nominated members of the Student Executive attend an overnight Leadership Training Camp.

The Executive plans and organizes the following activities such as ‘Self-Teaching’ day, ‘Parents’ day, Rangoli competition, Activity week, cultural activities and inter-school events, Food festival and Awareness campaigns- e.g. anti-cracker campaign (before Diwali), ‘say no to plastics’ etc are organized each year.

End of the term is time for an interactive feedback session between the students and the Executive on their year-long performance.