Infrastructure & Facilities

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Classrooms

School offers spacious well lit and ventilated classrooms. Each class room also has soft boards at the back to serve as the platform to show the artistic inclination of the students.

Each classroom is also equipped with centralized PA system to provide all students first hand information regarding any change in schedule, important announcements, Morning Prayer and daily news.

Class rooms are equipped with quality furniture suiting the requirements of different grade levels.



  • Science Activity Centre

Students of middle and secondary perform experiments in the Science Activity Room where they learn science by the method of “Learning by Doing”. Learning is further enhanced by hands on activities related to everyday science. Students also get an opportunity to apply their innovative ideas and enjoy the unexplored vistas of science.

This activity lab is equipped to cater to 40 students at a time and is well ventilated with a lot of natural light.

·         Physics Lab

TMIS has the most spacious and well equipped Physics Laboratory. The work space in the form of huge granite top tables and side tables with racks, are all provided with sockets for electricity connection. A small library of physics books is also maintained in the lab.

·         Biology Lab

The Biology Laboratory is well equipped with all instruments like microscopes, slides, stains, forceps, needle etc that are, required for performing experiments.

·         Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is also spacious and well equipped. The work area in the form of huge granite top tables is provided with individual connection to burner, along with racks containing all reagents and chemicals used during the experiments.

·         Computer Lab

School offers well equipped lab for primary, middle and secondary school. Students use the lab resources to learn the use of different kinds of software to enhance their knowledge and showcase their creativity. Each class is given a demonstration using LCD Projectors for better understanding.

  • Mathematics Activity Lab

Separate Mathematics lab is provided to students of primary, middle and secondary to perform group activities. Math lab helps the student to visualize the problem using 3D modeling and paper folding activities.


  • Library


TMIS has well stocked library with ample reference material in the form of reference books, encyclopedias, magazines,newspapers, periodicals, science journals and CDs with multimedia content for both junior and senior.


  • Sports Facilities


TMIS provides the children with the best sporting equipment and facilities such as:


Badminton Court

Basketball Court

Cricket Field

Football Field

Swimming Pool



  • Canteen


The school canteen is a spacious hall and has a hygienically maintained kitchen and serves 100% vegetarian food. The Canteen Committee meets regularly to inspect the premises as well as discuss the menu. All biodegradable food is regularly put in the compost pit behind the canteen. A CCTV placed inside allows for regular surveillance and maintenance of hygiene standards. Break time sees the students in large numbers engaged in discussions and enjoying their food in the canteen. It is the favourite place of students and staff alike.


  • Sick Bay

The school operates a medical facility with a well-equipped sickbay, staffed by a qualified nurse who is available during school hours.

Required first aid and immediate medical attention are provided by the school during working hours so that urgent attention to illness or injury is available to students at all times. If necessary, students are referred to the nearest medical center, with prior information to parents in all cases.

  • Art Room


The Art room is a place where students can develop their self-esteem through involvement in the art-making process, having fun as they explore new ideas, materials, and techniques.

The Art room is a well-equipped, spacious, light-filled space that is visually engaging for the students. The Art Room facilities offer wet and dry working areas and ample storage of artworks.

The Art Room is – both staff and children greatly appreciate this resource. The children are always willing to visit and it is certainly a calm environment that encourages creativity.


  • Dedicated Music Room


The facilities in the Music Room consist of class sets of instruments. Additional instruments include African drums, drum boxes, keyboards, and a drum kit.Students in upper Primary School are encouraged to play their orchestral instrument in-class lessons. Students also use interactive whiteboard during lessons.


  • Exclusive Dance Room


The vibrant energy of students finds creative outlet in dance. Students are introduced to a wide spectrum of dance forms ranging from Classical forms of Indian dance to foot tapping variations of the Western form.


  • Audio/Visual Room


It is equipped with LCD projector and latest light & sound system to cater to the workshops, seminars, meetings and student performances.