Educational and Entertainment trips

An Educational Tour or A Field Trip is a visit to a place away from their normal place of study. The purpose of this trip is to provide students an experience outside the class rooms or labs. It also provides an opportunity non experimental research and helps bring all the students to a common platform irrespective of their social, economic & cultural background.

While on an educational tour/field trip a student gets to experience first-hand the concepts which help in long term retention of the knowledge. If the class room teaching is followed up by a field trip, it helps in clearing the concepts & results in more effective learning. It also helps in application of ideas, theories & knowledge which ensure competence. Discussing during the trip help the students to find solutions to real life problems and makes them innovative. Field trips helps erase pressure the boredom & monotony of having to attend a lecture. It is fun way of learning & makes it more enjoyable.

While on an educational tour/field trip students have the opportunity to have lively discussion in an informal set up. Experience gathered during a field trip to vineyards, hotels, tourist places, factories, breweries etc. are of immense benefit to students and help make learning fun and long lasting.