Yoga / Meditation

Yoga is basically the most important ancient art that aims towards the building up of a healthy mind within a healthy body. For that reason, it is considered to be the harmonizing system which rejuvenates the body, mind as well as the soul. The great saints, therefore, have mentioned yoga to be a universal attribute of mind which enhances the physical, spiritual and mental status of the human body.

 the importance of yoga in education can be noticed the increase in rationality, emotional structure and creative output within the children. Striving for the increase in the physical activity within the children along with the cultivation of healthier outcomes laid the school authorities to know about the importance of yoga in school.

 the distinctive features of yoga which will help in establishing a positive impact on children during education are

  • It enhances the self-realization or self-awareness within the children.
  • It unfolds the physical, mental and spiritual attributes which eventually inculcates the social as well as ecological awareness within children.
  • It helps the children for the pursuit of the transcendental state of psyche.
  • It promotes uniqueness within the child.
  • It promotes the perseverance as well as will power within the child.
  • It helps in unfolding the creative consciousness.
  • It helps in treating the physical difficulties by making the body active.
  • Yoga provides ease to respiratory system, neuro-endocrine system, cardiovascular system and musculo-skeletal system to enhance the determination within the child.
  • Regular practice of yoga helps the child in managing the stress disorders.